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Sodium phosphates

Sodium phosphates are widely used, particularly in the following applications:

• surface treatment of metals - polishing, degreasing
• chemical water treatment
• food manufacture

• cleaning agent manufacture
• stabilisers in dyeing and bleaching processes in the textile industry
• synthetic rubber manufacture
• softening and pH adjusting agents for boiler water

• sequestering agents in photographic products
• paint and varnish manufacture

• dispersants in the pulp and paper industry

• liquefying agents in the ceramics industry

• fire-resistant and adhesive industrial agents in magnesium and magnesite material manufacture
• tanning agents in the leather, fur and textile industries

Products according to name
Sodium phosphates Potassium phosphates Ammonium phosphates Thermal phosphoric acid
Products Certificates
Product Quality Name Omnisal – made in GermanyFosfa – made in Czech RepublicMore information
FST food Fast soluble tripolyphosphate (STPP) Send request
STPP NW tech Sodium tripolyphosphate Send request
DSP A food, tech Disodium phosphate anhydrous Send request
DSP 2H2O food, tech Disodium phosphate dihydrate Send request
MSP A food, tech Monosodium phosphate anhydrous Send request
MSP 2H2O food, tech Monosodium phosphate dihydrate Send request
SAPP 10 food Sodium acid pyrophosphate Send request
SAPP 15 food Sodium acid pyrophosphate Send request
SAPP 22 food Sodium acid pyrophosphate Send request
SAPP 28 food Sodium acid pyrophosphate Send request
SAPP 40 food, tech Sodium acid pyrophosphate Send request
TSP A food, tech Trisodium phosphate anhydrous Send request
TSP 12H2O food, tech Trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate 
Send request
TSPP food Tetrasodium pyrophosphate Send request
3SP food Trisodium pyrophosphate Send request
SHMP food, tech Sodium hexametaphosphate (60, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70) Send request
KSTPP food Potassium sodium tripolyphosphate Send request

Our Certificates


Omnisal - Qualitätszertifikate
  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environment)
  • FSSC 22000 (Food Safety)
  • ISO 50001 (Energy)


Related certification: Fosfa a.s., which handles exports and imports on behalf of Omnisal GmbH, is also certified as AEO-C (Authorised Economic Operator). Omnisal GmbH and Fosfa a.s. are part of FB HOLDING Group. Our food grade phosphates are allergen free, GMO free, BSE/TSE free.

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