Company profile

The Omnisal Gmbh company is based in the historical town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, district of Piesteritz, Federal Republic of Germany, roughly half way between Berlin and Leipzig.

Omnisal GmbH is a manufacturer of top-quality specialty phosphates and functional mixtures. It is part of the international FB HOLDING Group, the biggest European processor of yellow phosphorus, which has nevertheless been garnering success far beyond European borders. Omnisal’s products earn praise all over the world. Our high-quality specialty phosphates and functional mixtures for the food industry are used by renowned food manufacturers worldwide in meat products, sausages, cheese and other dairy products, as well as in baked goods and fish products. We also produce a successful range of phosphates used for technical surface treatment, in fire extinguishers and for other technical purposes.

Omnisal GmbH’s manufacturing history in its current facilities in Wittenberg started in 1926 with the production of phosphorus and phosphoric acid. A historical picture from 1926 shows the first phosphorus-manufacturing plant in Wittenberg-Piesteritz. At that time, it was the biggest phosphorus furnace structure in the world.

“Journey in Time, 800 Years of Living in Wittenberg, 500 Years of Reformation”, ASTtext+bild MEDIEN Gesellschaft mbH.

After many years of significant slowdown, Omnisal’s modern history did not start until 2013, when all shares in the Omnisal GmbH company were acquired by the Fosfa a.s. company based in Břeclav, Czech Republic. After having successfully overhauled its production processes, Omnisal GmbH now exports its products to more than 80 countries worldwide.