Integrated management system policy

Omnisal GmbH corporate, environmental, energy, quality, occupational health and safety policy, goals andethical values

Omnisal GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fosfa a.s. The contract manufacturing agreement of 9 April 2013 with the parent company forms the basis of Omnisal GmbH’s business activities. In accordance with this agreement, Omnisal GmbH uses specially provided raw materials to produce phosphoric acid and unique phosphates salts especially for the food industry. The company does not carry out its own sales activities on site. The main aim of the company management is to form a firm basis for corporate culture and policy by harmonising the ethical regulations of the parent company and subsidiary, and to develop a healthy, prosperous business. The role played by Omnisal GmbH in achieving the corporate goals is to fully apply the principles of the parent company’s corporate policy within its own premises. Our policy guides our actions to an equal extent for all the aspects of quality, food safety, feed safety, ethics, environmental pro-tection, occupational health and safety, product safety and efficiency. As such, it also balances out all these aspects, which are promoted equally by the company and by its employees:

  1. We have identified the legal regulations and ethical rules which apply to us, and we follow them. We constantly strive to make improvements which extend beyond legal regulations. To achieve this, we systematically determine our production units’ environmental impact and energy efficiency, the safe design of our workplaces and the quality and environmental impact of our products when used by customers and end consumers. We place a great importance to ecological sustainability and deter-mine the life cycle of our products. We have committed ourselves to the ethical principles of the Sedex member Ethical Trade Audit and expect the same from our business partners. These principles include in particular
  • the right of freedom to choose the employment relationship
  • the right of freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • the right of safe and hygienic working conditions
  • the prohibition of child labour
  • compliance with local minimum wage regulations
  • compliance with national laws on working time
  • the fight against discrimination, corruption and contempt for human beings

2. When introducing new production units and equipment, we consider the best technology available, paying particular attention to energy efficiency as long as the device meets the latest safety stand-ards and is economically justifiable.

3. We set high standards when it comes to product quality and safety; our aim is to meet our customers’ requirements in the spirit of partnership. For this reason, a sense of customer focus is constantly en-couraged and supported throughout the company.

4. We adhere to the good management practices required by Regulation (EC) No. 761/2001. For us, that means constantly encouraging all our employees to develop an awareness of environmental factors, quality, customer focus, product safety, equipment safety, occupational health and safety and ethical aspects, and urging them to participate creatively and responsibly. All employees are encouraged to give more thought to their use of available resources. In particular, the company focuses on putting energy resources and media to best possible use and on dealing with them carefully.

5. The public and all interested parties receive all the information they need to understand the effects we have on the environment. Our aim is to have a truly open dialogue with them.

6. The company’s manager, senior staff and workers attach great importance to representing the com-pany towards the outside world in a manner which does not tarnish or damage its reputation. This means that every person with managerial duties sets an important example to staff.

Our parent company Fosfa a.s is a Life Science company with its head offices located in Breclav-Poštorná.

The joint stock company Fosfa is the largest processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe and a successful exporter. Apart from the food industry and industrial applications, Fosfa also focuses on the development and production of ecological products. Under the brand name Feel Eco, it produces ecological care products for both body and household. At the same time, it runs the first ever Czech vertical farm Feel Greens, where it cultivates microgreens, herbs and salads using hydroponics.

To make ourselves an attractive partner for our shareholders, workers, customers and suppliers, we work hard both as a corporate group and as an individual company to meet high quality standards and internationally respected social values. We are committed to protecting the natural world and the envi-ronment and to sustaining and developing our society.

The company sets out definitions for the following values and duties:


The management is responsible for implementing corporate policy and ensures that Omnisal GmbH’s busi-ness processes integrate the requirements set out in its management system covering quality, the environ-ment, energy and food and feed safety. The management works with the company’s senior staff to ensure that these management system requirements, and the corporate goals, are integrated into the organisation’s business processes. The management ensures that necessary resources are provided, so that the im-portance of fulfilling these requirements is impressed upon all staff and parties involved, that they are con-stantly encouraged to improve, and that accountability is demanded for the effectiveness of the manage-ment system.


By acting in accordance with our aspirations, we are striving to be a productive, efficient, and competitive company – by providing our shareholders with continuity, growth and attractive returns on the capital invest-ed.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fosfa a.s., Omnisal GmbH fully supports its parent company’s policy on quality, environment, energy, health and safety.

Our integrated system management policy is derived from our corporate policy and included in our corpo-rate goals.


We aim at relationships with and among our employees that are based on mutual respect, openness, com-mitment and moral integrity. We value a working environment of mutual trust and equal opportunities for all employees regardless of their skin colour, gender, sexuality, religion or ethnicity. Discrimination or harass-ment are not tolerated. The basis for the company’s successful development is an atmosphere of open cooperation, team spirit and mutual respect. Our goal is to offer everyone a challenging, interesting job and thus to pursue a bold personnel development policy. We value individual and collective commitment and reward our staff accordingly. A balance between professional responsibility and people’s personal lives is an important aspect for us. In this context, our own interests and those of third parties always fall behind those of the company, and our work together revolves around mutual respect, cooperation and comprehen-sive information. We strive to constantly improve the working environment, paying particular attention to health, safety and personal welfare.

Customers and suppliers

Our customers and suppliers mean a lot to us; we work to meet our mutual expectations in terms of the quality of our products and services. We aim to constantly improve our products and enter into profitable relationships with our contractual partners. When choosing our partners, we consider a variety of criteria: innovative capabilities, high-quality products, competitive prices and compliance with ethical standards, which include respect for human rights and freedom of expression, the fight against corruption, the protec-tion of health and advancement of safety and environmental sustainability.


We believe in an open, professional relationship with the public and society as a whole. We strive to con-stantly improve. In all our activities, we place great trust in providing an excellent service in terms of envi-ronmental and safety issues.

Customer satisfaction

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that our products and services meet all our customers’ demands and expectations. The organisation and equipment behind our processes are designed to guaran-tee that our processes, services and products meet high quality, food safety and feed safety standards. Our quality system was developed to maintain this high level of quality and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Personal advantage, sponsorship

Employees of Omnisal GmbH will not offer other persons or companies advantages for the achievement of business objectives, either directly or indirectly, nor will employees of Omnisal GmbH demand or receive such advantages. The company does not contribute to or support any political parties or individual politi-cians either directly or indirectly. It declines to have any political influence. The company only provides sponsorship if this does not affect the company’s activities.

Business secrets and confidential information

The company protects its business secrets and confidential information and data, and respects the rights of other companies and persons in this regard. “Secrets and confidential information” mean all non-public in-formation whose disclosure, use by third parties, alteration, loss or destruction could harm the companies or persons concerned.

The acquisition of confidential information by dishonest means is not tolerated. Employees who have ac-cess to confidential data and information through their position at the company are obliged to keep them secret or to pass them on to third parties only within the limits of their work or where the law requires it.

The company complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Our standards

Our quality management system is guided by the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 Priority is given to our customers’ quality requirements; we study their specifications and strive to integrate their requirements into our quality system. Our goal is to meet the guidelines and requirements of our customers’ specific qual-ity standards and to deliver food-grade and feed-grade products. In addition to this, we also strive to meet the requirements set by FSSC 22000 for food safety management systems, applying the principles of the HACCP system and FAMI-QS for feed safety management system.

We also meet the requirements of the HAS 23000: 1 standard (Halal Assurance System) and the Kosher certification.

We have introduced and maintain a management system in line with ISO 14001for the purpose of assessing and constantly improving our environmental performance. This acts as a guide on how to determine and evaluate the impact which our activities, products and services have on the environment in accordance with our environmental policy and goals.

By integrating the standard ISO 50001 (“Energy Management Systems”) into our existing management sys-tem, we aim to counter rising energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of our production system.

Omnisal GmbH has complied with the ethical standards of the online platform SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and has carried out a self-assessment. As a visible member of the SEDEX database, we show our customers and partners that we prioritise and respect the principles of ethical and social sustainability. Our self-assessment is regularly checked in Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETAs).

Constant improvement

The performance and effectiveness of our processes, products and services are systematically investigated and evaluated on a regular basis to find ways to improve our work. We discuss our performance with our customers and work with them closely to improve our processes, products and services.

Quality system with a broad basis

Responsibility for the quality of our products, services and processes falls under the responsibility of the management. The aim is to implement our quality policy and system to a satisfactory extent in every area of the company.

Sufficient resources

By providing sufficient materials, personnel and knowledge, we ensure that our production system is of high quality and efficiency. We are committed to the efficient use of all available materials, personnel and ener-gy. Thanks to a transparent policy and a clear description of responsibilities and objectives, we ensure that our employees and contractual partners understand all aspects related to the quality of our products, pro-cesses and services and accept responsibility for checking them.

General management objectives of Omnisal GmbH

  1. Continuously improving working conditions, the working environment and the health and safety culture, and reducing downtime caused by accidents at work, are defined as goals in our occupational safety and health guidelines.
  2. The continuous improvement of the integrated management system based on the achievements achieved so far in terms of quality management, food safety management, feed safety management, environmental management and occupational safety plays an important part in coordinating the different management systems and increasing the efficiency of the management.
  3. The continuous development and improvement of the processes, taking in aspects related to health, safety, the environment, quality, food safety, feed safety and energy efficiency, is an essential element of business decisions at all levels of the organisation.
  4. One of the most important managerial tasks must be seen as maintaining and developing an awareness of responsibility for energy efficient production which meets all requirements and standards. Food and feed safety is constantly improved by regular staff training as part of the training schedule, by personal discussions, e.g. during inspection rounds, and by appropriate maintenance and investment. The work-ers are also trained to constantly take care of the products at every workplace.
  5. Against the backdrop of demographic change, maintaining and advancing the company’s internal knowledge base is a key task for the years to come in terms of future-development.