Research and development

Nature’s perfection and beauty are impressive.

The world around us is changing, more than most of us are willing to admit. We must learn to be the co-creators of these changes. This is why we need to be inventive in innovation. Our Life Science Philosophy is based on the perfect harmony between modern technologies, company values and our relationship with the environment. We make products that meet our own strict requirements. When we say our products are made for our own families, we mean it literally. Respect for the environment is an absolute necessity. Both can only be achieved with top-notch technologies. Finding the right balance between our values, our relationship with the environment and innovations means an everyday renewal of our promise given to customers and business partners: our work is a service.

We are part of the FB HOLDING Group

We are part of the FB HOLDING Group, the biggest European processor of yellow phosphorus, which runs its own development and research facilities. For us, research is not only about substance and mixture preparation. Testing our products’ application properties is also a must. Therefore, our laboratories focus on both inorganic chemistry and food manufacturing.

Working with international experts with global expertise

We take great care in creating our products through “smart science”. This is why we invest in our own laboratories and work with an external team of experts from the academic and private sectors. Simply put – we enjoy innovations and research!

Diversification of products and an emphasis on innovations are the principles that Omnisal and all companies in our Group abide by. Our product portfolio has changed over the years and keeps evolving to serve our customers as best as possible.

We maintain close contacts with universities, and we value our long-standing cooperation with many institutions in applied sciences. We are grateful to the respected experts from these universities for providing their critical opinions and helping us, not only to solve everyday problems, but also to mainly develop new products that are up to date with the latest trends.