Industrial cleaning

The overall cleaning effect of cleaning agents can be enhanced not only by regulating the alkalinity of the environment, but also by applying phosphates’ multifunctional properties in dirt removal. In technological equipment cleaning they help to remove grease, protect the surface from corrosion and prevent dirt from resettling. A stable bath pH must be maintained for the cleaning process to be effective. The pH of cleaning solutions in industrial cleaning might drop During long-term use but adding phosphates into alkaline cleaning agents helps to maintain the optimal pH thanks to their buffering capacity. High water hardness, which has a negative impact upon the functioning of cleaning solutions, can also cause troubles in industrial cleaning. Phosphates soften water in a highly efficient manner – by sequestering metal ions – or allow for insoluble substance precipitation and removal. As a result, cleaning solutions work properly which brings yet another benefit: their concentration can be reduced. At the same time the dispersive power of phosphates prevents the agglomeration of small particles, which remain suspended in the solution and do not form clusters.

Industrial applications

  • softening of water and removal of insoluble substances and large particles in cleaning solutions for industrial cleaning
  • pH stabilisation of cleaning solutions for industrial cleaning
  • grease removal
  • protection against corrosion
  • prevention of re-settling of pollutants
ProductNameApplicationMade in GermanyMade in CzechMore information
TSP 12H2OTrisodium phosphate dodecahydrate
SHMPSodium hexametaphosphate (60, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70)

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