Vision and strategy

Omnisal – Life science company

A company is a living organism, just like in nature. It depends on its surrounding environment, influencing it all the while. At Omnisal, we have learnt three important things from nature: be useful, take care of our environment and be able to adapt. And we want to be top-notch innovators, of course. Otherwise, we would just have to follow in the path of others. We aim to blaze our own trail forward!

Those who aren’t useful to others won’t survive, neither in nature nor in business. One must develop and produce services that are needed and appreciated by others. Otherwise, one will end up in a dead end. The ability to be useful requires hard work. One has to know one’s customers, what they think about and how, and what troubles them. And always be ready to offer them what no one else can. Because useful uniqueness is inherent to the service of others.

At Omnisal, life science means looking into the future. Striving to be the best in all we do, because, otherwise, customers won’t need us anymore. Seeking to solve the challenging problems that others avoid. And being humble, because we would be nothing without the backing of those around us.

Omnisal GmbH and Fosfa a.s. are part of the FB HOLDING Group , the biggest European processor of yellow phosphorus.

Our visions

  1. Become a world-class company.
  2. Become a global player in the field of innovative phosphorus-based products.
  3. Be an ecologically responsible company with deep respect for nature and the environment.
  4. Build an OMNISAL Company Culture that every employee will live and be proud of.

Our values

The 5P Strategy